Prices Busae

Monthly subscription per bus

Busae App - Company/Driver

  • Trial
    Free bus/month

    – 30 days

    – All features.

    – Demo line Fixed price

    – Demo line Variable

    – Limited to 3 devices
    3 drivers and 3 buses

  • Standard
    12.95 bus/month
    All features except:

    – Time control on Driver App

    – Busae Office App

    – Automatic Reports

    Show information on Passenger App

    – Take ID Card pictures form passengers

    Time reports by stops

    Driver reports on Driver App

    e-Payment and prepayment

  • Professional
    16.95 bus/month
    All features except:

    e-Payment and prepayment NFC

  • Enterprise
    28.95 bus/month

    All features


    No limitations


    Control everything

Busae App - Box Office


Price for each ticket office, not by bus

You can sell tickets with QR code for later validation by bus

You can activate, sell and recharge prepaid cards NFC

Retailer? Ask for your discount

Different options

Check requierments with us

Busae App - Passenger


It will only display company information from Professional and Corporate subscriptors

Won’t show company information from Standard subscriptors

Busae extra services

  • Cameras - Busae
    +2.95 bus/month

    Software OTTO3


    – High resolution AHD

    – Live vídeo, audio and gps location

    – Live Alerts

    (connection error, camara damages, low battery…)

    – Access recordings

    (flashcard, hard drive, remote and wifi)

    – Scheduled downloads via wifi

  • Counter - Busae
    +3.95 bus/month

    People Counter integrated with Busae


    – Live peope count

    –  Remote check of counter state

    – Balance sales with Busae App

    –  “Ignore” count feature on Busae App

    – Count over stops, journeys, lines and drivers

    – Múltiple reports (time scale, daily, weekly, monthly)

  • Only People Counter
    16.95 bus/month

    Only want people counter… nothing else:


    – Live peope count

    –  Remote check of counter state

    – Múltiple reports (time scale, daily, weekly, monthly)

  • Wifi - Busae
    +3.95 bus/month

    Internet hotspot for passengers


    – Ask and register e-mails

    – Manage bandwidth per users

    – Live data usage and wifi users per bus

    – Remote configuration for Wifi router

    – Enable survey as hotspot login Wifi

    – Multiple reports available