Somos innovadores

From Europe they recognize that we are innovators in research and development.

Therefore, from the European Union, in cooperation with the Valencian Government of Spain, they support us in our development of Busae as an integrated solution for transport

We are very happy with the support, it motivates us to continue working continuously.

Soon you will see many improvements

We have received this communication recently, but it really groups all the performances from January 2018 to June 2019.
We are going to improve Busae a lot, as examples:

  • Counter integration
  • Busae offline mode
  • Available tablets in addition to cell phones
  • Integration with specific android hardware devices
  • Automatic demo data creation
  • Prepaid system using NFC
  • Acceptance of bank cards
  • Alternative payments by Stripe
  • ID card readings
  • Passenger App Improvements
  • Personal transportation
  • Long distance transport seats
  • Ticket office sales
  • Tool for the inspector
  • Create own NFC cards
  • etc