Monthly Fee per Bus

We do not sell software or licenses. We offer SAAS system through monthly fees for each bus, the Busae Conductor App is the basis of everything, it generates all the bus information and gives access to the employer’s page

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  • Standard
  • Profesional
  • Corporativo
Bus limit310UnlimitedUnlimited
Sale tickets fixed price and multi-fare
Direct sales for lines and buses
Direct gps, map and synoptic
Driver info of timings by stops
Send messages driver
Previous and direct dispatches
GPS frames integration w/ Public Auth.
Company time report
Link with passenger count
Driver console screen view
Control pass times by stops
Linked data Passenger App
Use Office App.
Use Inspector App.
Accept Prepaid NFC cards
Accept bank cards
Accept subscription NFC cards
ABT accounts, cloud balance
Sales reports
NFC reports
Time Reports
GPS reports
Counts Reports
Alert reports
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People Counter
People Counter+6.95
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Direct counting, reports, use of the gps signal from the meter, door alarms, etc.
Passengers Wifi
Passengers Wifi+4.95
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Wifi service to passenger with home page, user writes email, fills out survey.
Video cameras
Video cameras+4.95
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Cameras in real time, recordings over the internet, with disk, etc.
ABT Acc - Recharge Cloud
ABT Acc - Recharge Cloud+6.95
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External integrated system cloud recharges based on accounts, balance in the cloud.

Busae Office and Inspector Apps

Monthly fee for each device using these applications

Busae Office
Busae Office32.95
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Application to recharge NFC cards, Subscriptions, sale of tickets with QR in customer service offices.
Busae Inspector
Busae Inspector+24.95
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Application for the inspection of passengers of the use of NFC cards or physical tickets. Being able to deliver printed fines.

Busae Passenger App


It shows information about the buses that have a driver app. In case of having a small GPS or meter, it will only show information if the company makes previous and direct dispatches.

Other possible costs

Project management, integrations, developments, data chips, local maintenance, initial training, etc.

Extra costs are always associated with the listed prices, according to each project, mainly derived from the local support of our local distributors where a complete turnkey service is demanded by the client.


No, the counting data is recorded on our Busae platform. Select the subscription price you prefer from Driver app and add the extra price for people counter service.

You can choose between the Standard and the Professional rate, depending on whether you need reports of time spent by stops, with your dispatches or not.

In the case of many vehicles, you should contact us or your local dealer and there may be price drops.

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