GPS - Fleet management for buses

Small and very inexpensive equipment

Very simple installation, 30 minutes by bus

Check the positions of all your buses now

Prepared even for internet coverage failures

Control all the passing times of your buses

Basic requirement for all public administrations

We can integrate frames with your administration

Get a rate increase

Gps, Counting, Ticketing, Wifi, all in one platform

SAE and SIU Fleet Management with a simple gps

Make dispatches or planning cards

Passengers can use the Passenger App for free

Control times, advances, delays with a gps


A) Just one simple & small gps

All the equipment of the Teltonika brand integrated in Busae there are many models with external gps antenna, with battery, with memory card, etc.

The most common are the FMU130


You can see the buses on a map (normal or satellite view with Google Maps) see the movement of the buses, their status, etc.

You can view the positions of a specific time period on the map. Check speed, direction, etc.

If you connect the gps alarm inputs to the door opener, you will be able to know when the doors were opened, where, etc.

You can configure a speed limit for each different line or route and will have alarms when exceeded.

Make travel planning or cards of each bus, to later know the fulfillment of times. Assign a plan to each day.

Every day unforeseen events arise, use the live dispatch to adjust the reality of the day to the previous forecast.

Check a history of dispatches made and finally executed for each day. Check your compliance.

Verify the fulfillment of times of steps per stop, of departures of each route. With details of minutes of delay or corresponding advance.

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The device has space for an internal memory card, thereby saving the positions and synchronizing them when the Internet signal returns

Yes its the same. You can simply use the Gps related information. Even the dispatch process is the same

Yes, you can mix buses with different technologies in the same company. Many companies start with gps in all units, counting and ticketing in some, to require more investment.

It depends on the GPS configuration, but the usual thing is to send every 30 seconds and register position every 15 seconds. The consumption is usually 100 Mb approx.

Yes, it is something we do in several countries (Ecuador, El Salvador, Peru, etc.) allowing access to rate increases and compliance with local regulations.

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