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  • 1

    COMPANY: Register

    Create company, line, routes, stops, prices, schedules, buses, drivers, etc.
  • 2

    DRIVER: Request permit

    Fill in the data of the driver and request the e-mail of the registered company.
  • 3

    COMPANY: Accept cell phone

    On phones, assign the phone to a previously created driver, bus, or salesperson.
  • 4

    DRIVER: Driving

    Login with the assigned password. Select line, bus and time to drive ..

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Growing up together

Team Members

More than 8 years of experience in technology  for buses all over the world.

Busae belongs to the Evoluziona Seguridad Group , + 9 years of experience, +4.500 buses, + 21 countries

Busae contact details

We are in Spain and we have distributors in many countries who can offer you personal assitance in your own country.

Our address is 121, Cavite Street, door 7, Valencia, Spain, 46011.

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